Phenology Cameras

We operate phenology cameras at each of the three active AmeriFlux sites located at the Rosemount Research and Outreach Center (US-Ro4, US-Ro5, US-Ro6), as well as one camera at the AmeriFlux site located within the Marcell Experimental Forest (US-MBP). The cameras are a part of the PHENOCAM Network at the University of New Hampshire. These cameras (StarDot Netcam SC H.264 Megapixel Hybrid IP) take an RGB and IR image every half hour throughout the day and transmit the images to the Phenocam Network. The images are useful for researchers studying changes in plant phenology and can also provide an index of canopy greenness.

Click on the links below to view the latest real-time camera images:

I18 South Conventional Corn/Soybean Rotation (US_Ro5)

I18 North Alternative Management Living Mulch Corn/Soybean Rotation (US_Ro6)

Restored Tallgrass Prairie (US_Ro4)

Bog Fen Site (US-MBP)