Biomass Data Collected at the Rosemount Research Station

Includes data from sites G21 (US_Ro1, Conventional Corn/Soybean Rotation), C6C7 (US-Ro2, Alternative Cropping System Corn/Soybean,Living Mulch), G19 (US_Ro3, Alternative Cropping System Corn/Soybean/Living Mulch), Prairie (US-Ro4, Restored Prairie), I18S (US-Ro5, Conventional Corn/Soybean Rotation), and I18N (US-Ro6, Alternative Cropping System Corn/Soybean, Living Mulch).

Data Streams Include

  • Crop Height
  • LAI
  • Biomass
  • Above/Below Canopy PAR (When Available)


Plant/harvest dates and Yield

Biomass Data

Biomass Metadata

Crop Height / LAI Data